Trade Skills Testing for NZ Employers – even through COVID-19

GB Construction Training is currently conducting trade skills testing for several NZ Employers in the areas of construction. Employers are awaiting approval from the NZ Government to fully reopen its borders due to COVID-19, however, there is a strong belief among employers that they need to fill future skills gaps and demands is ever-present.

This year alone, GB Construction Training has tested some 140 Carpenters and Construction workers for Overseas Employers and the demand is increasing.

New Zealand has enacted several new rules around work visa programs and this will have a direct impact on future employment demands and pathways, but not in a negative way. Our employers are confident that trained and qualified Filipinos, with good English, great skills and who pass the required checks (including our skills tests and qualifications), will most certainly be considered favorably above all others.

At this time of uncertainty, there is one area that people should be focused on and that is the qualification outcome for the worker. We are seeing a sudden shift to this thinking and GB Construction Training is at the forefront of the technology and capability to perform this within the Philippines.

GB Construction Training Centre Manager – Sarah Santos said, ” with the sudden move to Trade Skills Testing and full qualification standards as the best pathway for Filipinos, our increased demand means we are currently very busy indeed”. Sarah went on to say, “Employers of OFW’s are now looking for the best and the only way to discover this is through dedicated skills testing. Here at GB Construction Training, we have a unique and proven method of selection and this is very popular among Overseas Employers”.

To find out more about how GB Construction Training can help you or conduct Trade Skills Testing for your future staff, please contact one of our representatives for more details.

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