Congratulations to our latest Carpentry Graduates

GB Construction Training is delighted to congratulate our most recent graduates in the Philippines. All students passed their final exam with exemplary results and are now on track to take up their employment options in New Zealand.

Our latest graduates were not immune from the effects of free movement from COVID – 19, however with perseverance and the will to succeed, all of the students were able to successfully pass the City and Guilds Award in Carpentry Proficiency, with outstanding results.

These Filipino workers are some of the best in the world and this group of carpenters are living proof of a deep desire to succeed and what can be achieved when effort and teamwork are required. Most are from humble upbringings and when questioned, remark about a commitment to make a difference to their families and communities. In essence, Education has set them on a career pathway to earn.

We would like to congratulate the graduates of Batch 01/20 and Batch 02/20 for their outstanding achievements and wish them well in the future.