If you wish to be assessed for a position for overseas, GBCT conducts Trade Skills Tests that certify you against your trade occupation and skill level.



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Getting the Right Candidate Counts

We can save you money, time and effort with our unique trade skills testing services. Our services are designed to measure competency and employability. Employing the right people for the right job is made easier when we test.



Employability Skills Count

When we conduct trade skills testing we also assess the candidates against a range of employability skills including communication, innovation, self directed thinking and attitude to learn and work as part of a team. And of course, we measure existing skills against industry standards, conducted by qualified assessors with overseas experience.


Delivering Trade Skills Tests to Meet Your Needs

When you engage us to conduct trade skills testing of applicants, we examine the requirements, needs and wants of our clients and match that against the candidates assessment outcomes. We provide a full report for each candidate, including skills and employability functions.


We have many candidates in our database with the skills you need

Trade Skills Testing – Overview

We test the full range of Construction and Engineering  – Employment Skills, Knowledge and Attitude

About the Process

This assessment includes the following elements as part of the skills standards, assessed throughout the skills test:

  1. Communication
  2. Initiative and Enterprise
  3. Planning and Organising
  4. Self Management
  5. Working as part of a Team
  6. Practical Problem Solving
  7. Innovation and Zone of Genius

When we conduct trade skills tests, we undertake these assessments to International Standards, specifically form the the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

All candidates are assessed for a range of skills, knowledge and attitude whilst at the facility. Candidates are being assessed from the moment they arrive by the assessors and staff of GBCT, to ensure an adequate overall assessment of skills and employability is completed. The assessment is conducted until the time the candidate leaves the facility. 

Candidates will undertake the following as a mandatory component to all Skills Testing:

  1. Safety Induction
  2. Tool Selection
  3. Practical Task
  4. Communication
  5. Clean up and Return Tools
  6. Environmental Considerations

All candidates are assessed against a range of criteria based on the occupation they are being assessed for, or that may lead to employability in an overseas context. The main assessment seeks to clarify the following:

  1. Maintaining safety at all times
  2. Ability to follow instructions at all times
  3. Planning and organising work and tasks
  4. Communication skills
  5. Teamwork and ability to work with others
  6. Problem solving
  7. Self-management of tasks
  8. Core occupation skills – (by performing a set task)
  9. Use of the English language – (if required)
  10. Maintaining a clean workplace

All assessments are compiled and presented for discussion with the GBCT compliance panel, prior to being provided to the employer or OFW Database. 

All candidates receive a Certificate of Achievement at a level specified to the assessment of their skills, knowledge and attitude.

These are Levels 1, 2 or 3, depending on the assessment outcome.


Outcomes of Trade Skills Testing

We have a very unique way of ensuring you get the best result for your employment needs.


Candidates at this level will have general knowledge and skills for initial community work involvement. The applicant is at a basic general level of skills and knowledge.


Candidates at this level will have foundational knowledge for everyday life, further learning and preparation for initial work is required

Application of knowledge and skills

Graduates at this level will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate basic autonomy in structured and stable contexts and within narrow parameters. The applicant requires simple tasks to be outlined and will comply with these tasks to the extent required by the direct supervisor. The applicant has a basic understanding of Carpentry knowledge to the standards required


Candidates at this level will have knowledge and skill for work in a defined context and is able to conduct most carpentry skills with indirect supervision. The  candidate is able to perform intermediate carpentry skills for basic tasks.


Candidates at this level will have basic factual, technical and procedural knowledge of a defined area of work and learning. The candidate is able to understand concepts and carpentry tasks to an intermediate level.

Application of knowledge and skills

Candidates at this level will apply knowledge and skills of demonstrate autonomy and judgement instructed and stable contexts and within narrow parameters of a the required skill set. The candidate is able to undertake intermediate tasks and will comply with these tasks to the extent required by the indirect supervisor. The candidate has an intermediate understanding of trade knowledge to the standards required.


Candidates at this level have and good understanding of the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for work as a Trade Person in a defined environment. The applicant is able to perform tasks without supervision and to a standard required for completion of the tasks without error.


Candidates at this level will have factual, technical, procedural and most theoretical knowledge of specific areas of work and learning within the context of the trade industry. The candidate has a good understanding of concepts and techniques required to complete tasks within the employment context.

Application of knowledge and skills

Candidates at this level apply knowledge and skills at a high level and demonstrate autonomy and judgement. The candidate takes responsibility for their own work. The candidate is an effective communicator and team member and can overcome cultural boundaries in communication. The graduate is able to apply trade skills to various environments and can transition quickly to required tasks within various environments.

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